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Meat Processing Plant


System for sorting, packing and palletizing products

Project duration

12 months

Created and implemented software::
control (PLC) and visualization (SCADA),
data exchange with the superior system,
advanced product tracking algorithm
industrial tablets as mobile HMI
over 1800 inputs/outputs,
over 180 three-phase motors
8,400 products per hour (5,400 boxes + 3,000 boxes)
4 production halls
8 packaging stations, each equipped with a scale, barcode scanner, Quimarox lift and tablet as HMI
a system of delivering empty boxes to packaging stations with an automatic washer and a destacker
the system of sorting full boxes to one of four destinations, stacking boxes on each target. 1 ABB robot for palletizing stacked boxes
the sorting system of full cartons to one of 8 destinations, placing patterns following the recipes on each target. 3 ABB robots for palletizing prepared groups of cardboard boxes
empty pallet delivery system equipped with destacker, MarcoLift lifts and transport trolley
full pallet transport system with wrapper and labelling machine
3 drivers S7-1500
modern web-based SCADA atvise system
SCADA server, over 8,500 variables
the main visualization screen covering the entire system
8 client stations - industrial tablets that support packaging stations
4 client stations - wireless industrial tablets that support dedicated system zones