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Designing and implementation of automation systems

We specialize in the implementation of internal transport control systems in various industries. Typical installations include devices such as conveyors, elevators, sorters, transfers, robotic palletizing stations, depalletizers, and wrappers.

We are gradually creating and developing libraries of ready-made functions for PLC, HMI, and SCADA that support devices typical for this industry. We have extensive experience in the selection and configuration of devices such as barcode scanners, AS-i data concentrators, identification systems, security system components, and inverters.

In our projects, we use:

PLC Controllers
Cloud data
Industrial networks
identification systems

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Preparatory phase:
  • Determination of the system requirements,
  • Creating a description of the system's functionality,
  • Choosing the right equipment and software,
  • Preparation of the hardware specification,
  • Creating a project schedule, valuation.
  • Project phase:
  • Preparation of complete electrical documentation,
  • Creation of source code and hardware configuration,
  • Software tests and simulation on a "virtual object",
  • Implementation phase:
  • hardware installation and system implementation,
  • tests and optimization,
  • supervising the start of the system,
  • operator training
  • Service phase:
  • warranty and post-warranty services
  • remote technical support
  • service contracts
  • support during periods of increased production


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