Design and building of conrtol cabinets


We design and build control cabinets, switchgears, junction boxes and inverter cabinets. The electrical documentation is made by EPLAN Electric P8 engineering software.

The installation can be based on documentation prepared by us or provided by the customer. We are able to import the documentation from pdf format into EPLAN maintaining engineering standards.
Before delivery, each cabinet is tested in accordance with appropriate norms and equipped with a test measurement report. We take measurements with professional electrical installations meters.

Thanks to the constant cooperation with our suppliers, we offer components and devices for cabinet construction with attractive prices.

Our client decide about naming for individual elements in documentation. However, if he doesn’t have specific requirements, we describe each element of scheme according to device’ name and place of installation. This simplifies identification of elements in documentation as well as on site.

We test manufactured cabinets in terms of proper wiring, electric shock protection, insulation resistance and the other factors according to clients’ demands and project character. We fulfil German VDE standards’ mensuration requirements. For each device we provide tests reports.